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ALECA is a cloud-based system that provides a collaborative technical and commercial toolkit for any industry that wants to save cost & lower their carbon footprint. ALECA replaces numerous software packages for a fraction of the price and provides access to an expert network to help evaluate any opportunity.
Our modules include the following, cloud based and secure, on a project basis ready for collaborating:

Scope of Work, similar to SAP or Aucerna.
Schedule/Gantt chart, similar to Microsoft Project.
Deliverables tracking, similar to
Approvale tracking, similar to Sage or Jira.
Choose your expert, unique to ALECA connecting to experts.
Azure Storage on Cloud, similar to Google, Amazon, IDrive.

Carbon Footprint Calculator, unique to ALECA and in line with
Global Benchmarks, unique to ALECA and in line with Annual BP Energy Stats.
Ethical List, similar to Kidder.
Incentive List, unique to ALECA and promotes global initiatives.
Connection to Economics, unique to ALECA to weigh sustainability equally.

Capture Min - ML - Max Profiles, similar to Merak PEEP.
Connect to Production Profiles, similar to intergrated economic modeling software.
Scenario Testing/Fast Screening, unique to ALECA, simplified Cash Flow analysis.
Connect to Carbon Footprint Modules, unique to ALECA to weigh sustainability equally.

Play & Geosrisk, similare to GeoX, ADLS, @Risk.
Pressure Calculator, unique to ALECA to bridge G&G to RE to Drilling to Facilities.
Temperature Correction, standard analysis to correct subsurface temperatures.
Probabilistic HCIIP Calculator, similar to GeoX, ADLS, @ Risk.
Probabilistic Rollup Tool, similar to ADLS, GeoX or Crystal Ball.
Tornado Sensitivity, similar to other industry standards to view HCIIP sensitivities.

Gas Material Balance, similare to MatBal, Rubis, ResBal.
Probabilistic Production Forecast, unique to ALECA to capture P10-P50-P90 Profiles.
Recovery Factor Matrix, unique to ALECA to marry the G&G HCIIP to the recoverable.
Economic Link & Greenfield Plateau, unique to ALECA to allow rapid screening.

ALECA continually develops modules & new tools within our system.  Join us today to help shape this new way of collaborating and get the tools your industry needs!

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The cloud-based system connecting all disciplines to weigh sustainability equally!

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